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a rounded image of Etai, the founder and owner of RYSEUP Solutions LLC

Etai Fishler

Owner, RYSEUP Solutions
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Meet THE Team

Etai Fishler

Owner/Sales Manager

Yarden Bachar

Graphic Design Supervisor

Daniel Hadar

Project Manager/Supervisor

Julie Nguyen

Affiliate Coordinator

Jarrell Simmons

Retention Manager

Amanda Freeman

Customer Service Manager

James Levi

Supplier Coordinator

Naomi Rosenberg

Human Resources Manager

RYSEUP helped our sales team excel by providing insightful training, streamlining our processes, and developing a custom application that fits our unique needs. We've seen a noticeable improvement in our sales performance.


Udi Bloch

VP Sales, Malcam LTD.

We were impressed with RYSEUP's ability to deliver a top-notch website that truly represents our brand. Their expertise in implementing the latest tech stack has improved our website's performance significantly.


Romi Feldman

Office Manager, SQLink

Partnering with RYSEUP has been instrumental in enhancing our online presence and boosting sales. Their comprehensive services, including web design, tech stack implementations, and talent assessments, have provided immense value.


Ruby Cohen

VP Sales, eToro

We couldn't be happier with RYSEUP's services. Their expertise in web design, tech stack implementations, and sales processes has helped us stand out in our industry and better serve our customers.


Owen Devolt

Owner, Jackson Movers LLC.
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Let's Go Over The 'Basics'

We work with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across various industries, including but not limited to technology, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

Our team conducts an in-depth analysis of your business's current situation, goals, and challenges. Based on this assessment, we create a customized plan that addresses your specific needs and helps you achieve your desired outcomes.

Yes, we offer tailored solutions for managing remote teams, including communication strategies, productivity tools, and performance management systems.

To get started, please fill out our contact form or give us a call. We'll schedule a consultation to discuss your business needs and determine how we can best assist you.


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